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It is normal to give the inside of the house all the attention it needs. After all, this is where the homeowner and the entire family spend most of their time when at home. The outside also needs plenty of attention. The exterior, roof and gutters need proper cleaning on a regular basis. Often, the cleaning work done on the gutters focuses on its inner parts. Rarely does the outside of the gutters benefit from the cleaning they really deserve. Gutters are just like the rest of the house – they need to be clean inside and outside.

The following are the tips for cleaning outside of gutters:

Identify the Cleaning Agents to Use

First, use cleaning agents. Some of the best cleaning agents to use are the ones labeled TSP-PF. They are the best because of their ability at cleaning and degreasing the outside of the gutters. They do this so well due to the presence of Trisodium Phosphate. The fact they contain this component makes the cleaning agents less harmful than if they had Phosphates alone. Mix one cup of TSP-PF, a quarter cup of a bleaching agent, and three-quarters (¾) of hot water. Once you mix these well, do the following;

  1. Apply outside the gutters
  2. Allow the mixture to remain on the gutters for around 10 minutes
  3. Cover the surrounding vegetation to avoid damaging the landscape

Save Money and Time with White Vinegar

White vinegar is also highly effective at cleaning the outside of the gutters. Using white vinegar saves you from spending too much money at the local store buying cleaning agents. The technical name for white vinegar is ‘Acetic Acid.’ Mix it with warm water before pouring the mixture inside the gutters. Do this only once you finish capping the gutters and plugging the downspouts properly. Allow the mixture to remain inside the gutters for around 1 hour. Afterward, empty the gutter stream before:

  1. Rinsing the gutters thoroughly with garden hose pipes
  2. Using a brush to scrub the gutters to remove all the grime that has remained

Invest in Liquid Detergents

Invest in liquid detergents too. These detergents have the properties required to make the outside of the gutters sparkling clean and as good as new. The detergent performs exceptionally well when used in cleaning vinyl gutters. However, it has to be mixed with bleach and water to create a mixture that produces stunning results. Mix half-a-cup of the detergent with half-a-cup of bleach and two gallons of water to create the right mixture. After that, use the mixture for cleaning the outside of the gutters. Give the mixture 10-15 minutes before rinsing it off.

Use Warm Water Only

Do not forget to use warm water when rinsing the outside of the gutters. Wash and rinse repeatedly instead of allowing the dirt to dry off together with the soap or detergent. If the dirt and soap stick on the surface, you will have a huge problem trying to get it off. Do not decide or choose a cleaning agent on a whim. Analyze your gutters properly. Dirt that makes the gutters ugly and are stubborn thus does not come off easily need powerful cleaning agents, such as TSP-PF. Pre-spraying the outside of gutters is a good way of breaking down the dirt before cleaning.

Wear Protective Gear

Finally, remember to clean the gutters while wearing protecting gear. Put on gloves to protect your hand. Wear overalls too. Eye gears are mandatory to ensure that nothing harmful gets into contact with your eyes. The bleaching agent, plus other types of harsh chemicals, emits extremely dangerous fumes that could damage your eyes permanently. As long as you follow this guideline, cleaning the outside of your gutters will never be a huge challenge for you. Remember to clean both the inside and outside of the gutters at the same time.

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