fixing damaged roof shingles in Wichita

It is possible that you live in a neighborhood where all the houses are covered in roof shingles. This is no coincidence since shingles are some of the most popular roofing materials globally. In fact, owners of 75 percent of all houses located in North America prefer shingles. The shingles can be either fiberglass or organic. Irrespective of the material from which they are made, shingles suffer damages too from time to time. The best way of handling a damaged shingle is by replacing it. So, below is a guideline on what you should do to replace damaged roof shingles.

For the most part, your actions will revolve around the following:

  1. Repairing cracked shingles
  2. Replacing damaged shingles
  3. Gluing down all the badly curled shingles

Work in Fine Weather

Repairing and replacing damaged shingles should take place when the weather is fine, calm and dry. Such conditions are necessary for protecting the shingles against the possibility of cracking. Dry conditions are crucial for installing shingles that are suppler. Do not work on the roof if it is wet or ice. Avoid climbing on the roof if it is full of morning mildew too. Observe all the safety precautions to avoid injuring yourself or causing further damages. Some of the safety measures worth observing while replacing the damaged shingles on your roof include:

  • Wearing gripping boots
  • Wearing heavy duty gloves
  • Wearing protective eyewear

Remove Only Warm Shingles

Although it is good to work on the roof when the weather is a bit warmer and dry, do not remove the shingles unless they are cool. In hot weather, shingles are moldable thus difficult to remove. This happens when the hot temperatures cause the shingles and asphalt sealant to heat up. It is alright to water the shingles down a bit to make them firm and tighter hence easier to remove. For shingles that are either cracked or split, the best thing to do is repairing without removal. The tools and supplies needed to do this job well are:

  • Crow bar
  • Pry bar
  • Utility knife
  • Nail puller
  • Screwdriver
  • Galvanized nails
  • Caulking gun
  • Silicone caulk
  • Roofing cement
  • Matching shingles

Assuming that only a few of the shingles are damaged, your next task should be removing shingles that lie two rows above the ones with defects. Raise the nails at the bare spot using screwdriver or nail puller. Loosen all the exposed nails before sliding the flat pry bar just under the shingles. Pull the shingles up by working your way around the nail located on the damaged shingles. While removing the damaged shingles, take care not to destroy the good ones. Remove all the damaged shingles before replacing them with good ones.

Be Ready with Supplies

Never proceed with this project if you are not ready with the replacement materials. Never forget to nail the shingles down, so they remain in place. The new shingles need resealing just under their edges. Remember to secure any other loose shingle you come across while on the roof. Not all damaged shingles need removing and replacing. If it is cracked or split, as previously stated, repairing and fixing them would be a good option. In such situations, simply line the cracked portion of the shingles with a generous amount of adhesive.

Therefore, you should now be able to replace damaged shingles. The process is simple enough. First, remove the damaged shingles, taking care not to destroy the other good shingles. Second, replace and install new shingles in their place. Be ready with all the supplies needed to do this job well at the first time of asking. More importantly, it is not mandatory for you to do the work alone. If it all appears too complex and riskier for you, simply hire a professional roofer to replace these shingles.

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