Asbestos is a hazardous roofing material. It is linked with several diseases that include mesothelioma, asbestosis, and non-malignant pleural disease among others. It is because of its impact on health that asbestos has to be removed from roofs. There was a time when it was the most commonly visible and popular roofing material – but this is no longer the case. Today, various health institutions around the world advocate for asbestos roof removal. However, its removal is not something to be done by people who lack experience and the right equipment.

The key features of asbestos roof removal revolve around:

  • Abiding by the set regulations
  • Avoid breaking the law
  • Avoiding health hazards

Laws have been established to govern asbestos roof removal. Any person who wants to remove asbestos from the roof must abide by these laws. The World Health and Safety Regulations are to be observed fully by the person tasked with this work. It provides the framework that governs and stipulates what should happen while during asbestos removal. Failure to abide by these regulations could have serious legal implications for the person or people who are on the roof removing all materials that contain this hazardous component.

Here are some of the key features everybody tasked with asbestos removal must observe.

Prepare the Site Properly

The area the remover intends to work at must be prepared accordingly. It must be inaccessible to anybody who is not mandated to take part in the project. The objective of preparing the site is to ensure the smooth running of the entire process from beginning to the end. Adequate preparation also helps in reducing potential risks. The fact that asbestos is removed from the roof does not make it any less hazardous. It is still hazardous and remains so until properly disposed of or destroyed according to the World Health and Safety Regulations.

Use the Right Equipment

Investing in and using the right equipment for effective and safe asbestos removal. The standard tools or equipment you use in normal remodeling work will not suffice here. Some of the tools needed for such work include the 500-gauge as well as the 1,000-gauge polyethene sheets. Apart from this, the project needs enough duct tape. Without these, it would be impossible to prevent asbestos contamination. Garden-type sprayers – or any other wetting agent – are also a requirement when dealing with asbestos roof removal work.

Use Protective Equipment

The people taking part in this project are exposed to asbestos. Therefore, they need protective equipment. Investing in quality equipment is not an option but mandatory. This line of work requires respiratory protective equipment, boots and appropriate clothing. The appropriate clothing required for this job must be disposed afterward. This way, the risk of spreading contaminants is eliminated entirely. Alternatively, consider discarding such clothing inside a decontamination facility if disposing of them is not something you are willing to do.

Exercise Caution

Asbestos roof removal requires careful removal as well as disposal. Removing asbestos from the roof is work that has to be handled carefully. The process and measures put in place for doing such work is different from what you might be accustomed to with normal roof replacement. With asbestos, the need for a cautious approach stems from the fact that the material can contaminate anything it comes into contact with. Use the right equipment and technique to remove bolts and all the other fasteners used to hold asbestos roofing in place.

Follow Right Procedures

Lastly, following the right procedure guarantees safety and excellent results. Transporting the asbestos from the site needs proper planning and careful approach. DIY asbestos roof removal is not recommended at all for this type of work. Leave the removal to experts who have the skills and equipment. Remove the asbestos without using power tools. Sanding discs and abrasive cutting is not recommended at all. Any technique that involves high-pressure hoses and compressed air is not recommended too.

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