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The gutters, just like every other part of the home, need regular cleaning. Dirty gutters are a health risk to the entire household. Dirty gutters are a huge risk to the integrity of the whole structure. Any home maintenance plan you develop must include cleaning the gutters. The best time for cleaning gutters is late October through to November. Cleaning gutters is not something worth doing every month. It takes a lot of time for debris to gather and clog the gutters; hence, the reason for cleaning them at least once or twice a year.

Gutters remain great gathering points for the following:

  • Pine needles
  • Leaves
  • Twigs
  • Insects
  • Shingle decay
  • Hornets nests

Finding some frogs hopping into the gutters is common. The fact that they are located in one of the hardest places to access away from view makes gutters fertile grounds for all manner of invasion and infestation. If left unclean for any considerable amount of time, gutters eventually get clogged. This would then make the gutters incapable of allowing water to pass through into the downspouts. This is bad news for the roofing system. Clogged gutters often translate into blocked downspouts.

Protects the Home from Invasion by Fungi and Bacteria

Cleaning the gutters reduces or eliminates the likelihood of fungi and bacteria thriving inside the clogged system. Dirty gutters pollute and contaminate water that gathers inside them. The contamination creates the environment that fungi and bacteria need to multiply exponentially. Soon, these fungi and bacteria invade the entire home, thereby causing all manner of sicknesses that prove expensive and difficult to treat. Apart from infestation by fungi and bacteria, unclogged gutters often cause extensive rotting of the roof too.

Protects Landscaping

Dirty gutters are capable of destroying your entire landscaping. It costs a lot of money to repair this kind of damage. Unclean and clogged gutters are responsible for causing landscaping erosion. Water from these dirty and clogged gutters flow or drain improperly. This begins on the roof. Gutters, together with downspouts and other drainage pipes, are part of the system responsible for guaranteeing proper and effective drainage on the property. If they are clogged and unclean, proper and effective drainage will never take place.

Improve the Value and Beauty of the Property

Cleaning gutters are capable of not only maintaining, but also enhancing the beauty and value of your property. Clean gutters create the wrong conditions that plants need to grow. Without these unwanted growths, the property looks tidy and beautiful. In fact, a property with unwanted growths and pest or insect infestation arising out of clogged and dirty gutters often loses its value. Reselling such a house is a tough job. For this reason, clean gutters to increase the property’s chance of attracting prospective buyers and getting out of the market fast.

Prevents Gutters from Collapsing

Unclean and clogged gutters are capable of collapsing, which is the last thing you need on the property. The more debris accumulates in the gutters, the higher they increase the chances of this part of the house collapsing. The added weight and pressure is too much for the gutters to bear. Cleaning gutters prevent them from collapsing. It removes all the debris that desires to gather in the gutters. After cleaning the gutters, protect them with gutter guards. The guards are effective at protecting the gutters against debris that seek to clog them.

Protects Gutters against Damages

Cleaning gutters protect them against damages. Clean gutters ensure that water does not overflow and create leaks all over the roof. Therefore, protect the gutters by cleaning them as regularly as you can – at least twice a year. Failure to clean gutters makes them unable to gather and direct rainwater into the downspouts and out of the building. Clogged gutters are bad news for the entire building and your family too. Hire a professional roofer to inspect and clean the gutters.

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