Metal roofing in Wichita

Without a doubt, metal roofing tiles are one of the most popular types of roofing systems. The tiles are visible on numerous buildings. They are common in residential and commercial buildings alike. The tiles are made from various types of metals. The most common are stainless steel, stone-coated steel, galvalume steel and galvanized steel. Typically, the tiles can be installed on any old roof; that is, if you wish to reduce your costs. Metal roofing tiles have several benefits and drawbacks as you will see below.

First is the list of benefits you get from metal roofing tiles.

Lasts as Long as the Building

When installed and fitted properly, metal roofing lasts as long as the building. It is able to survive high winds, seal water out completely and shed snow without much difficulty. It is resistant to fire, insects, mildew and rot. It comes with various warranties. For the most part, you are likely to see the metal roofing lasting between 20 and 50 years – obviously, with good and regular maintenance. With a properly done paint finish, the metal should typically serve you exceptionally well for around 30 years.

Lightweight hence Easy to Install

Metal roofing tiles are not the heaviest. They weigh less compared to other roofing materials. They typically weigh around 50-150 pounds. In this respect, they are better than concrete tiles which weigh a whooping 900 pounds per square. It is this quality that ensures the easy installation of metal roofing tiles over any other roofing system that you already have in place. Installing it over or under any other system saves you from cost of tearing up the old system or putting additional structural support in place.

Metal roofing is easy to install. The process does not take too much time compared to other roofing systems. The easy and speedy installation is a huge advantage when you have to contend with an approaching storm that needs the roof in place pretty quickly. Metal roofing is popular because of its fire resistance quality too. These tiles are non-combustible. They are rated Class A. The tiles also perform exceptionally well in terms of heat conduction. In this sense, they help the homeowner to save money on energy bills.

Below are the drawbacks you should be aware of before investing in metal roofing tiles.

Costly Roofing Materials

It is worth mentioning that the tiles are not exactly cheap. In fact, the initial cost tends to be higher than what you are likely to spend on any other type of roofing system. The least you could spend is $150 per square. The most is around $600 per square. The exact cost depends on numerous factors. Despite these high costs, what you get from the material is a durable and long lasting product. Consequently, you recover the initial money spent buying and installing metal roofing tiles with time.

Not Noise Resistant

Metal roofing tiles are not noise resistant. Therefore, expect them to scream out in anger any time they are hit with an object. Without a sound proof ceiling in place, even something as innocent as the falling rainfall could create too much noise. Furthermore, the tiles are susceptible to dents. This happens a lot of roofs fitted with aluminum or copper tiles. It is a dangerous roofing material to walk on when wet. This is because metal tends to be quite slippery. The best bet is to avoid walking on these tiles immediately after a rainfall.

Peel, Chip, Fade and Scratch Easily

Some tiles are capable of peeling, chipping off and fading. Metal is weak against scratches and chalking. Therefore, install it with this in mind to avoid disappointments. Nevertheless, the fact that you can get 30 years of uninterrupted service out of metal roofing tiles makes them worth installing despite these drawbacks. Also, beware of the tiles’ tendency to expand and contract when temperature or the weather changes. Despite the drawbacks, it is clearly evident installing metal roofing tiles has many benefits.

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