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When does the old roof need to go? This is one of the questions a homeowner has to ask at some stage. As durable as some roofing systems are, the truth is they cannot last forever. Exposure to the elements (which changes all the time like a chameleon that feels threatened) guarantees damages on the roof. A damaged roof has to be repaired or replaced. A good habit worth developing is inspecting the roof regularly to determine whether it is ripe for a complete overhaul or replacement. Hire an expert and experienced roofer to inspect your roof properly.

Therefore, check for the following five signs to determine whether you need new roofing.

Check for Old Age

The aging process affects roofs just as much as it does humans. No matter how much effort you apply, the roof eventually fails because of old age. Therefore, do not forget the age of your roof. The age here refers to the difference in time from when you installed the roof. Do not begin counting age from the time the roof was manufactured. The aging process goes full blast when the roof is up and installed. The average age or lifespan of each roof is around 20-25 years. Some roofs last more than 50 years, though. Inspect the roof to check for signs of aging.


Check for Deteriorating Shingles

Apart from aging, the other sign you should watch out for is deteriorating shingles. Shingles that are either curling or buckling are proof the roof needs to be replaced with a new one. Check if the shingles are falling off or tearing apart too, and take the necessary measures – installing a new roof. Call your roofer the moment you see your gutters filled with granules. Granules in gutters are a major problem. Shingles have a specific lifespan, just like the roof. The lifespan depends on several factors that include location and climate.

Check for Valleys

Do not ignore the roof valley if you want to know whether the time for changing your roof has finally arrived. Valleys refer to the small areas among shingles that sag. They also appear in sheeting and wood too. They emerge following the deterioration of the rafters. Valleys occur commonly in places where snowfall or high humidity is normal. Valleys emerge every time rafters begin rotting. If left unresolved, valleys eventually allow rainwater to enter the home, thus causing some damaging leaks. Do not hesitate to install a new roof when you see valleys.

Check for Attic Daylight

Visit the attic to see whether daylight is visible through this part of the house. If the sunrays appear to be finding a way through the attic into the whole room, your immediate concern should be in calling a roofer to examine and recommend the best solution. Often, the best solution would be to install a new roof. The only avenue through which you should see some daylight is through the windows rather than the attic. Daylight in the attic is a sign of too much moisture coupled with poor ventilation that makes the rafters moldy and allows them to begin rotting.

Check for Off-Brand Materials

Off-brand materials are worth checking too, if you are to determine that the roof needs replacing. It is worth remembering that replacing or installing a new roof is a costly undertaking. For this reason, you need to examine your options carefully and thoroughly to avoid spending money on a new roof when repairing the old one would have sufficed. Off-brand materials do not last long. They are not durable or as effective as they ought to be. Off-brand materials show that your home needs a new roof if you expect to continue protecting your property and family.

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